Professional Genealogical Services

Welcome to Douglas Genealogy.  We provide professional genealogical research services tailored to meet your personal requirements.  You may have already started researching your family history and have hit a brick wall; perhaps you just don't have enough spare time; maybe you don't enjoy meticulous research or don't have access to archives.  However, if you are interested in discovering your ancestral heritage we can help you.

Our Services

Our services range from compiling a simple family tree to researching a complex family history from multiple archive sources.  We can provide an expert review of your own research and suggest further research options.  House and historic building histories can also be researched.  See the services page for more details on what we can do.

Our Commitment

We arepassionateabout genealogy and family history.  We provideprofessional excellence.   All reports areclearly writtenandbeautifully presented.  We observeethical standardsand we provide apersonally tailored service.